Alyssa Biedrzycki Massage Therapy LLC

What to expect at your appointment

I am going to give you a break down of what to expect at your appointments.

When you schedule your appointment (which are booked as two hour time blocks) you will select the type and length of your massage (First time clients get a 90 minute massage for the price of an hour). You can find your appropriate intake paperwork on this website and can be filled out prior to your appointment. You should be contacted a day prior to your appointment to confirm your time. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be offered if you need to use the restroom and then will be taken to the massage room. Here you and the Massage Therapist will go over your intake paperwork and get a detailed history and list of problems that are occurring. It is generally recommended to receive a full professional massage (this includes, scalp, face, neck shoulders, arms, hands, back, glutes, legs, and feet) but your massage is totally customizable depending on what you are comfortable with. The practitioner will step out of the room and give you time to dress down to your comfort level and get between the sheets. They will knock and reenter the room and proceed to perform the massage, including a complimentary enhancement. Once the massage is over, the Massage Therapist will ask if you would like some time to quietly meditate (giving the client 15-20 minutes alone to relax). Once the client is ready, they will redress and open the door. The Massage Therapist will bring them water and have a post consultation to go over a treatment plan and schedule another appointment if desired.