Alyssa Biedrzycki Massage Therapy LLC

About The Practitioner

My name is Alyssa Biedrzycki, the owner and sole practitioner of Alyssa Biedrzycki Massage Therapy LLC. I went to school at American College of Massage in Merrillville, Indiana. I graduated in 2016, passed my State Boards in February 2017 and worked at a Spa in Oswego, IL for about a year and a half, both in the front desk and as a Massage therapist. That gave me experience and incite on how I wanted to make my business unique.

I fully believe that the customer deserved to have the best professional massage experience possible. They deserve to have a full experience feeling that  they are a priority and get all the focus that they need to help ease their pain.

I chose to get into Massage Therapy because I have always wanted to help people. I started my working career as an Emergency Veterinary Technician for about four years. Due to personal issues I chose to step back from veterinary work, but still felt the drive to help others. I also wanted to join a career that would allow me to work from home and be flexible enough to make my family a priority.

Speaking of my family, I have been married to my husband since 2016. We have a beautiful bunch of Fur-babies (A husky and three cats). We had our first child in 2018. I love spending time with my baby and animals, riding horses, fishing, camping, playing videogames, and hanging out with friends and family.